Hi Edwin,

Your photographs are fantastic!
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

Jamie Herz
PR & Marketing Executive
Chai Cancer Care

Many thanks again for the wonderful memories.

Anthony Gershon

It’s wonderful thanks for the successful job.

Leonie Nourani

Dear Edwin

What can I say??? I have just watched the truly wonderful DVD you have taken
so much time and care to make for us. I enjoyed every single minute. The
background songs you added are perfect. You have SO captured the warmth,
affection, emotion and fun of the evening and have immortalised some very
special moments. The inclusion of the casual photos of us with cousin Martin
from Israel taken on the Friday afternoon convey a wonderful relaxed informality.
We have literally just returned from holiday and will now be settling down to
choose the photos for the storybook. Apologies once again for the length of time
it is taking us. Please bear with us.

Best wishes.


Dear Edwin

Thank you so much for your lovely e-mail - the sentiments are very much
appreciated. I have just had a delightful time looking through all the photographs.
They are STUNNING. You have really captured the atmosphere and I love your
use of colour and black and white and the colour/black/white combination. We
were out all day yesterday and Jonathan has gone straight from school to yet
another cricket match so I thought I'd have a private slide show!!
With so many superb photos to chose from we'll definitely need your help to
make up a storybook. I'll be in touch again very soon.
Absolutely BRILLIANT Edwin - not that I'm surprised!!

Best wishes.


Thank you Carolyn.

I will pass the details on to the venue.
I've looked edwin up on Google and his work looks amazing. He's achieved so
much! I can't wait.

Thanks again for all your help you have been great.



thanks Ed
hope you are feeling better.
I have just had root canal at our lovely dentist.
3 injections
guess early to bed tonight. with paracetamol.
the pics are great. ta
you do capture the moment..... a gift.
they must be delighted.
spk later. if I can !


Hi there Carolyn,

Thank you so much for your email have literally just received it. Would like
to start by saying first of all a big " thank you " for all your support and
help in finding and organizing such a wonderful photographer. His approach,
his mannerism and kindness will not be forgotten I do hope that he enjoyed
the day he spent with us as well as our wedding breakfast where we had laid
a place for him also to eat. Not forgetting all the memorable moments of the
day in which he tried to sought after and capture, he certainly was very
obliging and forthwith in trying to capture all the elements and as much as
he could on the day.

Was lovely to chat to you again Carolyn and thank you so much for amending
the name on the disc. Will let you know about the images once received. Also
I will create a goggle account to keep things private.

kindest regards and best wishes also please let me know that you get this


Jess-Amani and Javid

Dear Edwin

We want to formally thank you so very much for being with us on Sunday. You
have a very calming and caring manner which means that everyone involved is
completely relaxed and has a great time being photographed by you.

We know we can approach you with additional requests which you always agree
to with pleasure and no fuss. Hannah mentioned to me that she had asked you
to take photos of her and her friends which of course you were more than happy
to do.

We look forward very much to the shul shoot but this will need to be after
Hannah's GCSEs but before she goes on her tour of Israel on 2 July - a busy
girl!! I'll get in touch after Shavuot to fix a mutually convenient date. I don't know
whether a Sunday morning or one evening would be best.

Thanks also for your calming reassurance and assistance regarding Mobsters.
Fortunately it was all fine on the night when it needed to be!

We had a truly fantastic evening and hope that you were able to enjoy it too.

With our very best wishes.

Trish, David, Hannah and Jonathan

Hey Ed, how are you buddy, love the sneak preview, these photos are

Hi Ed,

Thank you so much. I have only had a chance to have a quick look through the
images and I love them! You have captured the atmosphere brilliantly.
I am looking forward to studying them in depth and using the options you have

I will send you the tracks too

Thanks again


Can't 'like' because I 'LOVE' it!!!! Xxx"

Thank you Ed. Great shot. We love it x.


Hi Ed,

Thanks so much. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures...these are stunning!



Hi Ed. Love them. Can’t wait to see more.
Elise Taurog

Hi Ed, hope you are well?

This is Sally you did our wedding photos NYE. We went straight away on
honeymoon so we never got the chance to thank you properly for your
photography on the wedding day. You were incredibly professional and fantastic
to work with. We look forward to receiving our photos.
Many thanks Sally & Keith x

Hi Ed We have just had a look at the pictures and they are lovely.
Many Thanks
Jessica Markham

Loving the sneak peek pics Ed!
Daniel Cooper

This is brilliant!!! Can’t wait for the big day.
Alexandra Frances Constance Imber

Thanks so much…utterly amazing pictures, you have captured every detail and
One problem! How are we going to choose?

Very well organised, very friendly and very well presented on the day.
Vincenzo Rosato

We found Edwin to be a true pro who left no stone unturned; we look forward to
seeing the pictures.
Andra Green

Such beautiful pictures
Nadine Jackson

Edwin Marcow is an excellent wedding and events photographer, and is very
highly recommended by me.
J Waterman

Fab pics
Jane Markham

Thanks for everything Edwin
Sue Markham

Beautiful pics. Mazeltov to the all the lovely Markhams xx
Suzanne Friend

Thank you for the fantastic photos and making our day perfect
Louisa Wass

Hi Ed
Just to let you know I have watched the Slide show and really enjoyed it. You
have done a great job. Thank you. It brought back all the happy memories of a
special day.
Once Larissa and Marc have chosen their 200 photos I will order a presentation
pack from you.
Take care

Fantastic pics Edwin. I”ve shared out your website too….thanks so much for this.

David Baker

Thank you so much for your excellent service- I will be glad to recommend you.

David Carmel
David’s Magic

Thank you so much
Jaymee Rubin

Just can’t thank you enough, you were amazing.
Deena Rubin